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Spanish candles

Although we’re real people, we are also a little bit virtual.  We live in Spain, but spend lots of time in England.  You’ll notice that our phone numbers are UK mobile numbers, but our email addresses are Spanish.  But fear not!  It’s a fabulous, modern world, and you’ll always get through to us.

Cassandra | +44 (0)7941 547327 |
Jonathan | +44 (0)7941 888012 |
Georgie | +44 (0)7814 529558 |

Our Spanish address;
LA MONTAÑA, Barx, Valencia, 46758, Spain

La Montana Ltd. is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 13485030.
Registered office: La Montaña, Flat 4, 28 Belsize Park Gardens, London, NW3 4LH
VAT No. 227 1981 00