Day 23

Starting to lag a little before the big day?

Need a pick me up which DOESN’T include alcohol? We feel you!

Why not try one of the most delicious caffeine hits you have ever had – Café Bombon.

Typical in the bars and cafés in the mountainous areas of the Valencia province, Café Bombon is a type of coffee drink made up of espresso mixed with sweetened condensed milk. In traditional Spanish culture, this sweet treat would not be taken after midday but all bets are off over the festive period! We warn you, one is just about enough to keep you wrapping presents, playing games or carol singing until the early hours!!

1 shot espresso
1.5 tbsp Sweetened condensed milk

Simply pour the condensed milk over your espresso shot. It may settle at the top (which makes for a fabulous picture) but simply stir with the teaspoon and enjoy!

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