Day 6

The association between candles and Christmas can be traced back to the Middle Ages as recorded in the Bible. A good number Christians observe this custom which is meant to be a day to commemorate the birth of Jesus. By lighting candles during Christmas eve, this represents the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Magi to the manger where baby Jesus was born.

Another set of Christians consider Jesus as the “light of the world,“ and they light candles during Christmas to celebrate the birth of the “light of the world;” Jesus. These candles are lit all through the night of Christmas eve to Christmas day itself. In modern life, some Christians organize candlelight services that entail lighting the worship places with nothing but candles as they sing Christmas Carols.

Christians in different regions light candles for different reasons and in diverse ways. For example, in countries like Southern India, the Christians usually light up clay lamps with oil which is later placed on their rooftops to celebrate Christmas. In China, Christians use paper lights in the same celebration mood to beautify their Christmas trees and homes.