Siesta candle

(3 customer reviews)
Lavender, juniper, and thyme


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Siesta candle

(3 customer reviews)
Lavender, juniper, and thyme

A lullaby for your senses: lavender, juniper, and thyme.

A summer swirl of calming herbs and flowers. It’s siesta time: close your eyes and imagine yourself drowsing on a hot afternoon, gently swinging in a hammock in the shade of a tree, with the crickets chirruping, and the sun-baked fragrances of the countryside lulling you to sleep.  Dreamy!


Out of stock

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  • A blend of 100% natural waxes – sustainably sourced organic soy, rapeseed and beeswax
  • No palm oil used in our unique blend
  • Our blend only uses crops grown or raised without synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or hormones and can be deemed organic by this definition
  • Clean burning
  • Sulphur-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Wicks are lead-free and made from natural fibre
  • All free from animal testing
  • La Montaña candles are 30cl, 220gms (minimum 40 hours burn)
  • All candles are individually hand-poured by artisan candlemakers in the UK
  • We use a high % of fragrance oil in each candle (including a high percentage of natural and essential oils)
  • All candles are gift-boxed and are fitted with an etched, stainless steel lid

Candle Care

  • The first time you light your candle, let it burn until all the wax on the surface has become liquid
  • Trim the wick before each use
  • When extinguishing the candle, ensure the wick is upright and centred for next time


  • Do not burn for longer than 4 hours
  • Never leave a lit candle unattended, or in a draught, and keep away from flammable materials
  • Always leave at least 10cms between burning candles
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Place candle on a heat resistant surface

3 reviews for Siesta candle

  1. Shauna Riedel-Bash (verified owner)

    Although we use First Light in our living area, this is the candle I light as part of my bedtime routine. It’s delightful, light and not overpowering, delicate yet complex and interesting. It smells perfectly of a siesta! When I close my eyes it smells like greece in the afternoon, like a gentle breeze blowing through a herb garden as you take a nap in between sun bathing and swimming after eating lunch. It has become an integral part of my evening routine.

    Additionally these candles throw of scent so well, and so much better than any other brand (I own a lot of diptyque and private perfumer blends), but inevitably I always go back to these. Galan for my bathroom, Siesta for the bedroom, and First Light for the living spaces. Scent is so critical and these candles bring so much joy to my life and are the “scent playlist” for all the important moments.

    • Jonathan Hall

      Shauna – thank you for this. What a beautiful, thoughtful, lavish review. We love the idea of a Scent Playlist. And we LOVE to hear how our candles fit into people’s lives.

  2. Rebecca R

    One of my favourite candle scents, so light and delicately floral and clean. Smells like fresh air when on holiday….the very best kind of candle scent. Not tacky or overly scented at all. And love the labelling too, very chic!

    • Jonathan Hall

      “Chic” – we’ll take that! Thank you, Rebecca.

  3. Ruthie

    Bought this candle in a whim as we normally go for Alfredo’s Cafe. We’re really pleased with it! It’s lovely and fresh in a clean aromatic way. Plus it throws a really decent amount of scent, we could smell the candle in the room even when it wasn’t lit.

    • admin

      Hi Ruthie – thank you so much for this (and sorry it’s taken so long to reply). We’re delighted that Siesta is giving your Alfredo’s Café a run for its money!

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