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Be your own perfumer… It’s easy. And fun. Like finger-painting with smells!

Fragrance combining isn’t new, but it’s more typically something you do with perfume; layering a fragrance with its complementary body lotion, for example, or two different perfumes worn together. What kind of anarchic madness is this, you might be thinking. But read on…

Cass’s Blog with Jonathan’s comments in manly blue and Georgie’s comments in a fitting and fetching shade of ginger

With home fragrance, it’s more typical to fall in love with one scent, and it becomes the one that people, and their guests, happily associate with their home. First Light, I know, is one such. Mine is unashamedly Cloudburst! Georgie! How many times?! At La Montaña we pretend not to have favourites!

It was my niece (thank you, lovely Leah) who told me that she’d burned a Sacred Roses candle in the same room as a Galán de Noche (our night-scented jasmine) candle, and that the combination was gorgeous. This got us thinking…

Our perfumers often lace our fragrances with the signature mountain notes of fennel, rockrose or fir balsam, so they have a thread running through them they’re so brilliant and crafty! in the same way that all of our illustrations feature the mountain in the background – note: our graphic designer is equally brilliant and crafty!

So, it seemed to us that all our fragrances might be able to blend harmoniously with each other – not in a prescriptive combination, but a personal curation, creating a uniquely personal scent to match your style, your whim, your mood. I’ve got to say I find this genuinely exciting! And when Cass is excited, I’M excited! We’re ALL excited!

Personally, I use diffusers rather than candles for this, because diffusers gently waft fragrance all day long, whereas candles, by their nature, are stop/start. But each to their own, and no reason why you couldn’t blend a fragrance in diffuser form with another in candle form. I’ve been testing with a candle and diffuser to see what I really like until I’m ready to take the plunge! I think you may have already taken the plunge!

As we’re now into the festive season, I will be combining Three Kings with Mistela, or Winter Oranges with Mistela, or Alfredo’s Café with Winter Oranges. If you’re not ready for the Winter season, try Cloudburst with Siesta, or First Light with Cloudburst I can confirm that this one is a winner

First Burst? Cloud Light?

…Fig Grove with Galán de Noche, or take Leah’s lead and go ‘mad floral’ with Sacred Roses and Galán de Noche. Next (this weekend in fact!) I’m looking forward to pairing August Sunset with Three Kings. I think it’ll be stunning. In unrelated news, Cass will be naming this particular combination “Strictly Night In”.

Having said all this, if you have your favourite, or several favourites, and prefer to celebrate them one at a time, we’re not trying to discourage you! It’s just a fun, interesting and potentially divine possibility!

And do let us know what works for you – and why!

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