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I cannot believe that I am actually writing this blog as a fully-fledged member of the La Montaña team!

Georgie’s first blog – August 2021

Cass’s comments in ladylike pink

Jonathan’s comments in manly blue

Georgie’s responses in a fitting (and fetching) shade of ginger

So how did I get here?

Well, my story starts as an Atherton, not a Hall. I come from West Oxfordshire, where I grew up with a military father (Cass’s and my first similarity!) and studied French and Journalism at the University of Sheffield.

I won’t take an emotional and romantic trip down memory lane (because our love story is neither!) It looked pretty romantic to me. Oh the stories I could tell NOOO! but Sheffield is where I met Dan (Jonathan’s nephew by blood, Cass’s by marriage). It was the end of my second year when we first ‘got together’, just before I was heading to Versailles for my Erasmus year – not the best timing.

Dan was spending the Summer with his aunt and uncle near Valencia in Spain, teaching/learning Spanish Ah, so that’s what we’re calling it, is it? Okay That’s what he told me! and getting to know them better as they had barely spent time together since he was a surly teenager no comment – Oh the stories I could tell!!!

Dan teaching and learning Spanish from the safety of a sun lounger

Of course, one day into your stay is the perfect time to invite your brand-new ‘sort-of’ girlfriend out for a week! Well, Dan thought it was anyway and, clearly, I was so smitten that I packed my bags and out I came! I’d never met Jonathan and Cass before, but had heard they were the ‘cool’ relations I am SO down with this Oh dear – do genuinely cool people really say “down with this”? who had built their own house in the Spanish mountains from scratch. And with our own bare hands! (NOT!!! – see Blog #3)

When I arrived – late at night – I was welcomed by Jonathan, Cass and Dudley, the sweetest dog in the whole world Yeah he was ❤️ (not forgetting the beautiful Dixie, but she wasn’t quite as ‘gushing’), and was instantly enveloped in the warmest hugs. It’s very clichéd to say, but I honestly felt instantly at home.

Georgie taunting Dudley with toast

I was supposed to be in Spain for one week, and that soon became one month. Don’t ask me how because Dan claims it was my idea and I know it was his. I HOPE Jonathan and Cass didn’t mind. We loved it! Anyway, this is how I first became enchanted by the fragrances of the mountain. By the time I next visited (February 2014), the wheels of the business were in motion and fragrances had been created! And here’s picture proof of my first sniff of those original four fragrances:

After my degree I found I wasn’t keen on pursuing a career in France, nor to pursue a career in journalism – so, four years of my life well spent! Dan will be delighted to read this, I’m sure! The next time I was in Spain, sipping on a café bonbon, I had an existential crisis outpouring to Cass about my career path. She’d been there and done it (and very well! shucks!), so surely she could help. She told me that she thought I was very much like her (one of the best compliments I’ve had to this day!) I cannot hear this enough; we may have to make it a weekly conversation Friday team meeting? and thought I might be quite well suited to Beauty PR. I’m still a bit stung that my extensive knowledge of employment opportunities in the cricket-bat-making world wasn’t consulted during all this, but they seemed to be getting on so well, I thought I’d just leave them to it. Well done, Mr Hall, you have ‘read the room’ correctly. Next thing I knew, Cass had put out a request to any of her industry friends who might be looking for interns.

That’s how I met the wonderful Emma and Rowley at Chalk PR. Cass knew them from her days at Lancôme and had kept in touch. Chalk is a boutique PR agency in South London (where I live) with a roster of very fancy clients and they welcomed me with open arms.

Six years passed, I worked my way up the ranks to Senior Account Manager, had worked on many clients, big and small, and loved every minute. But all the while, I was watching La Montaña grow and grow into a brand I not only adored, but really, really cared about. And all the time we were watching you (watching us) and waiting for all our stars to align. And look at us now!

Come 2021 and I emerged from the pandemic a little battered and bruised, which is when Jonathan and Cass asked me to come on board full time as Communications Manager. And I could not have been happier. I was ready for the next step – and it’s not often that you’re offered such a fabulous position with a brand you truly love!

My favourite fragrance? Unashamedly Cloudburst. Shhh! the party line is you love them all equally! *robotically repeats: I love them all equally* Since Cloudburst was launched, it is all my house smells of! Except for all the others, remember? The fragrance is so unique but so, so fresh, it always transports me to Spain no matter where I am. If it were a perfume, I would be bathing in it *furiously writes new product proposal*

Just one of Georgie’s favourite fragrances

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  1. Erika Mayer

    What a lovely story! Good luck in your new role, Georgie! I love Montana candles…and Cloudburst is my favourite too!!

    • Jonathan Hall

      Hi Erika – thank you so much for taking the time to say so. Georgie would just like to reiterate that she really does not have a favourite, she loves them all equally! 😉

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