Divine Sunset – Eau de Parfum

(1 customer review)
Key notes: orange, black pepper, orange flower, lavender absolute, musk


Divine Sunset – Eau de Parfum

(1 customer review)
Key notes: orange, black pepper, orange flower, lavender absolute, musk

A rhapsody in perfume – captivating, radiant, euphoric.

Inspired by our glorious August Sunset candle, reed diffuser and room mist.

Cassandra says: “A riot of potent floral, amber and orange notes, tempered by lavender absolute.”

How it makes me feel: “bright, optimistic, and confident.  Everyone should have one!”

50ml – perfect size for your dressing table
10ml – perfect size for your handbag


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Eau De Parfum Information

Our perfumes have been carefully crafted buy internationally acclaimed perfumer Pia Long and her team, with a high percentage of natural ingredients to create the beautifully constructed and unique accords found within.

1 review for Divine Sunset – Eau de Parfum

  1. Janey Finch (verified owner)

    Divine Sunset

    This is without question a big fragrance!
    This is a grab you by the cheeks and gives u a giant snog of a fragrance but there’s a fluffiness, a softness around the edges that gives it a beautiful sheerness at the same time!
    Divine Sunset is the brightest funshiny floral fragrance I’ve ever encountered! It’s epically good!
    This is a midsummer day, your in your favourite summer dress in Kew Gardens (if u no u no! ) , the heat is making the flowers of Kew come alive and intensify. You get a breath of orange, the intensity of orange flower and lavender pays a visit and cuts through the sweetness with the aromatics of its flowers.
    This dries down to a stunning floral fragrance but there’s a black pepper twist that keeps those floral in check and enhances them with its subtle spiciness.
    I do struggle with orange flowers but this I would wear in a heartbeat it is seriously that good!
    A beautiful big bouquet with a pop of pepperiness! It’s big but elegant, classy but easy wearing and without question a stand out fragrance from La Montana and their genius of a perfumer Pia!
    A fragrance that will light up anytime of year!

    • Jonathan Hall

      Thank you, brilliant, brilliant Janey – “A big beautiful bouquet with a pop of pepperiness”! Janey for President!

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