Mistela room mist

(1 customer review)
Raisin liqueur with spices


Mistela room mist

(1 customer review)
Raisin liqueur with spices

Raisin liqueur with spices
Mistela is a Valencian dessert wine usually served at family celebrations, or when lingering after a good meal; it’s a festive blend of raisins and exotic spices often served with a curl of orange peel, or even a coffee bean… The fragrance is distinctive and original yet at the same time warm and familiar. And utterly more-ish.


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  • La Montana Room Mists enhance your personal space with an instant fragrance boost; ideal to instantly transport you to the Spanish mountainside.
  • Available in all of our fragrances, Room Mists are 110ml and come housed in a glass spray bottle with silver lid.
  • Ideal for those who like an immediate hit of fragrance and prefer not to light naked flames in their home.
  • Mist a spritz into the air and instantly refresh a room before guests arrive.
  • Spritz onto a La Montaña Ceramic Scent Stone to prolong the experience.

1 review for Mistela room mist

  1. Sarah Cooper

    If you want ‘Christmas cosiness’ in a bottle then this is it! The fruits and spices fragrance in this mist create a warmth and gives a dose of nostalgia. One or two sprays of this and the scent lasts for hours. Visitors entering the room commented straight away on the lovely smell. Definitely a Christmas favourite!

    • Jonathan Hall

      Sarah! “Christmas Cosiness” – who doesn’t want that?! Thank you so much for this lovely, lovely review. Honestly makes our day!

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